We have a ton of sweet Mass Effect themed prizes to give away during the marathon! There are many ways to win – click here or scroll to the bottom of the page for details. We’ll be adding more prizes as the event approaches, so please keep checking back for new stuff!

If you can’t donate any money, then we will also be giving out raffle entries to anyone who spreads the word via Twitter and Facebook.

On Twitter, please send out this message to your followers that you can simply copy and paste from us!

This is my favorite Child’s Play Charity event on the Citadel @memarathon

On Facebook, go to the Mass Effect Marathon Facebook Page page and “Like” the group. That’s all! =)

How to Win Prizes

  • Raffle Prizes – We will setup a schedule where every 4 hours or so, we will hold a raffle drawing. If you would like to get a raffle entry, you can Like Us on Facebook, Link to the site on Twitter mentioning @memarathon. or for every $5 you donate to Child’s Play Charity, you will receive an entry. Therefore you have the opportunity to receive two entries for absolutely free. We do this because we know that not everyone can donate, but spreading the word and getting people to watch us is very viable and should be rewarded. In addition if you can donate, the more money you donate the more entries you get for the entire marathon.
  • Timed Raffles – As our event goes on longer, and after some people have donated a lot of money to Child’s Play Charity, it can sometimes feel like certain names keep winning prizes. With timed raffles though, that is a thing of the past! Some of our prizes will be given away, with only donations being received at a specific time period being counted in the random raffle process. For example, for every $5 you donate between 5 PM ET and 5:30 PM ET, you will receive an entry into the raffle. These entries, no matter if you win or lose during the specific time period, will also carry over for the rest of the marathon and our regular raffles.
  • Live Auctions – Certain items are a bit bigger and unique and will not be given away as raffles. Instead we will hold live auctions that you can only win if you are watching the broadcast and in the Twitch.Tv chat room. The process is like other live auctions. You will bid in chat by saying “BID_” and then the amount you are willing to donate to Child’s Play Charity for that particular item. We will continue to do this until no one has bid anymore, and then the person with the highest bid will have 30 minutes to donate to Child’s Play Charity. Once they do that, they have won the item and it will be sent out to them. If they do not donate within an hour, or the payment fails for whatever reason, then we will give the item to the next highest bidder.
  • Silent Auctions – There are certain prizes that you are able to bid on on the website, rather than live through the chat. Here you will fill out a form with the absolute highest amount you are willing to donate to Child’s Play for that item. Bidding will then end at a preset time. Once we find out who gave the highest donation, they will then have 6 Hours to then donate to Child’s Play charity with that amount. If they are unable to for any reason, we will then take the next highest bidder.
  • Highest Donor – Prizes marked as Highest Donor are determined by who has the highest cumulative donation total at a preset time. Facebook and Twitter entries will not count towards Highest Donor.