The team here for Mass Effect Marathon is dedicated to doing almost anything (within reason) to help raise money for Child’s Play Charity. We don’t only play Mass Effect, but we will also sing, dance and just embarrass ourselves for your entertainment. If it means that you’ll donate to such a wonderful cause, then we are willing to perform great challenges of hilarity for you live on our Webcast.

To give you an idea about what we are prepared to do, here is an À La Carte Menu of challenges that you can choose from. The process is simple. Tell us what you would like us to do, either in Chat, Facebook, Twitter, or Email and how much you are willing to donate to Child’s Play Charity. If you are willing to donate enough and we accept your offer, all we ask is you donate to Child’s Play using the Donation widget on the right hand side of the page, and once we confirm you have donated we’ll perform for you!