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To celebrate the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda, we will be holding the 4th Annual Mass Effect Marathon benefiting Child’s Play Charity!

For three days our team will sing, dance, eat gross stuff, and generally entertain in an effort to entice our viewers to donate to a wonderful cause. All the while, we’ll be showing highlights of Mass Effect 1-3 and doing a full playthrough of Mass Effect: Andromeda.


Donate to Child's Play Charity to help sick kids all over the world! Child's Play is a wonderful organization that provides Games, Toys, Books and so much more to many sick children who are in hospitals or domestic violence shelters all over the world.

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Donation Goals

The more money we raise for Child's Play, the more hilarious events that we will have to perform for your entertainment. Check out our full list of donation goals and help us out!

Donation Goals


We have a ton of great prizes that you can win while watching and donating to the marathon. Check out our full list of amazing prizes!